Cruising to Hawai

Here are some excerpts from the well-produced 30-minute narrated video of his journey in which he reveals the mechanical, emotional and philosophical challenges along the way, and the unexpected lessons taught by being suddenly alone in a world usually brimming with people and events:

• “It’s Day 7, and the seas have gone down considerably, which I welcome. The last three or four days I’ve never been so sore, just from holding on. Had to stop cooking or eating because a handhold was more important”.

• “After 20 days at sea and 2300 nautical miles and being absolutely alone, you wonder whether you’ll find out something about yourself, like the man who climbed to the top of the mountain and got all the answers. And the answer I got came as a complete surprise.”

• “For the long sail home I headed out into a freshening trade winds breeze — and in three hours was right back in the slip where I’d started. In the six–foot seas off Kauai the entire steering pedestal had come apart in my hands.”

• “Two hurricanes later, in the cold water of the Pacific Coast where gales often spawn, you don’t want to linger. And now came 50 hours of 30 to 40 knots right on the beam.”